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About Parksbird Patterns Blog

My name is Diane Parks and I “am” Parksbird Patterns. I am the designer behind all the patterns for sale at Parksbird Patterns –

I plan to use my blog to talk about my sewing machines and favorite sewing tools. Hopefully, you will find it useful.

Please take a moment and answer my polls – they are quick and easy (and anonymous). This information will help me know what type of information to focus on in my blog.

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I’ve re-sent the link to you – hope you got it ok.

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    • Jaylah: I found your pattern for the doggy diapers online and I just wanted to let you know that they are GREAT! And your instructions were easily understand
    • jan: Thank you so much for these instructions, they are by far the best. I purchased a ruffler foot and broke it. Your instructions are way better then the
    • Sarah.: Thank you so much for the instructions and pictures! I'm going to have another go at my ruffle foot. The broken english on the back of my packaging ju



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